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Benefit from our specialized focus on women's intimate health, backed by years of experience and expertise in advanced aesthetic treatments.

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Access state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques, including CO2 laser treatments, filler injections, PRP procedures, and more.

Personalized Care

Experience individualized attention and tailored treatment plans designed to address your specific concerns and goals.

Confidentiality and Comfort

Enjoy a discreet and welcoming environment where your privacy and comfort are prioritized.

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Google Review

Heng Jue Hun

3 weeks ago

Thought of killing two hour of my time while waiting for dinner appointment, saw this aesthetic clinic promoting RM88 facial treatment. Why not?

Went in and the consultant briefed me through the promo and then I was informed that it is going to be a one hour session and immediately I took the offer.

The therapist handled my face with much gentle and I have to say, this therapist is one of the Top 5 (ignore the sequence) I have experienced.

Went through pre-cleansing, acne removal, massage and mask (Sorry I couldn’t remember all the procedure). And throughout the session, the therapist kept the conversation going to avoid awkwardness, also supported by Jay Chou’s songs.

Eventually finish my session on time and I felt very refreshing and my face look brighter! Paid RM88 nett. And most importantly, no hardsell during checkout. Love it!

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Kent Wong

3 weeks ago

Friendly staff and excellent service. I try male facial and really enjoy the moment and relax.

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Lim Hui Ling

3 weeks ago

The staffs are super friendly and nice. Their service is excellent and Doctor is professional. My visit to Venus Clinic was a pleasant experience.

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Evelyn Lui

3 weeks ago

(Translated by Google) The beauticians are very professional and friendly, the service is very good, the prices are fair, and they explain their service packages in detail. The important thing is that they will not sell products to customers randomly.


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yayoya hor

4 weeks ago

Absolutely love their service here! Saw their pap smear test promo online and decided to come over for one. As a first timer I was super nervous, but their beauticians are super professional and gentle that I felt instant ease and comfort throughout the whole process.

Also took their intimate tightening trial at the spot because it's fairly cheap and I was curious, turned out great!

Highly recommend this place, just be aware need to park in the basement carpark and not outside the shop😆

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Evan Law

a month ago

Nice place and comfortable environment.
Their service also good. Very relax chat with them. 😊

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LIM hoongjin

a month ago

Strongly recommend their Hydro Oxy Facial service! You won't regret to choose their service!!!

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B Jones

a month ago

I saw their Vaginal tightening laser promo on fb ads and decided to give it a try, the whole process was comfortable and done it by doctor. To be honest I was a bit nervous but doctor and staff didn’t make me feel awkward or any discomfort at alllll.

They even provide Pap smear test here with a super cheap price, I love their service, definitely come back for more treatment, this place is cozy and clean!

Absolutely amazing ❤️

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